John Clark (12 Apr 2011)
"RE: Paul Synder (11 Apr 2011) "arythmias follow up""

RE: Paul Synder (11 Apr 2011) "arythmias follow up"

Blessings Paul.

I thank you for your obedience in allowing me to hear your word concerning "ablation."

As soon as I awoke from my cardioversion last Tuesday , and the cardiologist mentioned trying a different drug, I informed him that an "ablation" would be the proper way to go.  I wasn't 100% convinced at the time, that that was the direction the Lord wanted me to go.  But later that day I had great peace concerning that path.  Your word is a strong confirmation that I am walking in obedience.

Many decades ago I was a paramedic and used to teach Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the American Heart Association.  Having defibrillated hundreds of people in my career, I cannot help but think that it is justice that I am on the receiving end of the electrical charge at this time.  LOL!  Cardioversion is very effective, when it is given early on in the course of the arrhythmia.  If you procrastinate like my physicians have, it becomes almost impossible.  For me to even get into the cardio Electrophysiology lab, I need the referral from negligent MDs.  (It is not prudent for me to go into specifics in an open forum that makes public my name.).  Therefore, prayer is the proper mode of attack against hindering spirits and superegos.  Those who run the cardiac labs are not going to perform an ablation on someone who does not need it.  And once I'm referred to the "big city," I can transfer my general cardiology care to someone in that region recommended by those who run the lab.

Thanks Paul for your confirmation and input.

All prayers are appreciated.

Brother John