John Clark (11 Apr 2011)
"RE: Suzi (9 Apr 2011) "To John Clark re: Heart""

RE: Suzi (9 Apr 2011) "To John Clark re: Heart"

Blessing Suzi.

There are many different types of abnormal heart rhythms that can give you similar type of symptoms.  There may also be extra beats that you are unable to feel as a pulse.  Different heart rhythms require different treatments.  Therefore, you need to "catch" the rhythm to make a proper diagnosis.  That is the primary reason for the visit in the ER.  The secondary reason is emergency treatment as needed.

You might want to ask your physician to order an "incident monitor."  This is a "Holter monitor" that records your EKG continuously , I believe for up to a month.  It is usually ordered through the local hospital's cardiology department.  A cardiologist will read the results and report back to your primary physician.  I believe that they have some way of checking the rhythm throughout the month.  I had ordered one of these for one of my patients who stated that they had significant palpitations at rest, approximately  three times a month for the last 20 years.  They also would have the rhythm stop before they reached the emergency room.  After about five days a nurse in the cardiology department at the hospital phoned me and reported the rhythm.  She stated that the patient was continuing to use the monitor for the whole month.  I was able to go ahead and refer the patient to a cardiologist and she  stated that he would have immediate access to the results of the recorder.  Go directly to cardiologist, do not pass ER.  Pay more than $200.

Birth control pills can cause high blood pressure and blood clots.  More so in smokers.  When I started practicing medicine in the early 1980s, we were not to prescribe birth control pills to anyone over 35 years of age.  I do not think they still have that restriction.  But Suzi, you do not have those risk factors.  Your mother's early passing was most likely not caused by genetics.  The genetic problems usually show up in a person's early years (before age 20 or 25).  Most other cardiac problems are caused by inflammation and/or stressors (including lifestyle choices).  So put  on a "jovial attitude."

What me worry?
The Lord has never lost control.
But He does allow a little excitement in our lives.

Brother John