John Clark (11 Apr 2011)
"RE: Rowina (9 Apr 2011) "To John Clark, in praise of the Lord ...""

RE: Rowina (9 Apr 2011) "To John Clark, in praise of the Lord ..."

Blessings Mariel.

My prayers are with you.  Your condition is a far greater challenge than my own.  I doubt if my information would cause any significant improvement in your situation, but you might like to know that there are over 20 different types of interferon that are created by bacteria in your intestine.  Making sure that you have "good bacteria" (probiotics) colonized in your intestines will be of benefit to anyone's immune system.

Pancreatic enzymes are also known to slow down tumor (proliferative) growth.  Dr. Nicholas González, M.D., in the New York area, has been working for some decades with successful treating  many cancers and other diseases with programs based on patient specific nutrition.  If I remember correctly, the "soft tumors" (blood based) are treated with acidic diets, where "hard tumors" are treated with alkaline diets.  The diet is also based upon each individual's metabolic type.  Vegetarian diets are more alkaline were meat diets are more acidic.  You might want to research his work.

You're right that beta-blockers have been around for some time and are usually very economical.  They do slow down the heart rate and can actually prevent rapid rates.  I happen to be in a persistent, symptomatic atrial fibrillation.  Seeing that I have been in this rhythm for almost 3 months now, the beta-blocker may only change me to a slow atrial fibrillation.  But beta-blockers are also used for people who are hyperthyroid.  And there is a good possibility that all of this might be caused by my thyroid.  (Two birds with one stone.).

An excellent old Bible teacher, named Bob Mumford, used to say, "The evidence of being baptized in  the Holy Spirit is "Troubles!"  And for the last decade I have been buffeted continually.  As one thing comes after another, it becomes almost a joke.  They only thing that you can do is laugh and say, " Well Lord, how are you going to get me out of this mess?"  LOL!

Faith, Mariel.

Brother John