John B (4 Apr 2011)
"What are "they" bombarding us with???"

Is God's warning in Ephesians 6:12  before us in a big way?------"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places"
What are "they" bombarding us with from the heavenly places??
Jan and Pat from Doves wrote to Doves talking about the breakdown of reporters and the secret  X37B space plane emitting "spectacular flares". Also there are more incidents of TV personalities (judge Judy) who are experiencing stroke like episodes and now a plane had to make an emergency landing in Ohio because of a similar event.  Links below---
I know I just read where we are back in an active solar cycle that causes people to be short tempered, depressed and aggressive and that may explain what is happening around the world with the Islamic uprisings and other uprisings (England, Wisconsin,etc.)  But what is happening now appears to go way beyond that, to the point where people are left dazed and incoherent with stroke symptoms.
Speaking from a personal viewpoint I too seemed to be experiencing something abnormal mentally and am witnessing other "mental attacks" on people in my circle of friends and relatives.
So what are we to blame this latest mind altering phenomena on? Is it solar flares from the sun, our government or another government bombarding us with radio waves or micro waves, part of the chem. trail addenda or something new like the secret X37B or UFO's. Whatever it is I believe it falls under----wickedness in heavenly places. If any of the Doves have more insight on this topic or are experiencing similar symptoms, please post and share the details--------
In Christ,
John B