John B (29 Apr 2011)
"Re: KML and Nando----Antichrist, Holy See, Prophecies of Malachi, False Prophet and more"

Forgive me for not responding to your lengthy article sooner. You covered a lot of biblical ground and I will not try to respond to the majority of it. Your following of the tribe of Dan was very interesting and the connection you made to the "instead of Christ" may end up being valid. Maybe John Paul II's family lineage from Poland were members of the lost tribe of Dan that immigrated there during Joseph's time, when famine encompassed the Middle East.
Both you and Nando seem to believe that a pope will be the false prophet not the antichrist or the instead of christ. And you both quote prophecies of Malachi a Catholic priest as part of your reasoning to build your case. I find this quite bizarre that you would reference or believe a Catholic priest's prophecies as to who the end time players will be and ignore what God directly tells you from His words as to who the antichrist or the instead of christ will be. It seems like you are gleaning information from the opposing team to make your point. God to me, taken from His words (from which I based my article) builds a lock tight case as to who this person is that will appear claiming to be God and performing all manors of lying signs and wonders to prove it.
As per me taking liberties with the word see instead of sea, I plead guilty. When John the apostle wrote the book of Revelation in 95 AD there was no Catholic Church and there was no political governmental part of that church called "The Holy See". So when John wrote that this beast with seven heads and ten horns came of of the sea we know now that this beast literally doesn't have seven heads, he literally doesn't have ten horns, and he literally didn't come from the sea. How do we know these three things? Because God goes into great detail in Revelation 17 to explain the seven heads being seven kings, the ten horns being ten kings and the complete collaboration of this beast with a harlot drunken woman the Catholic Church whose political government is called to our present world the Holy See. So KML I don't believe I took any more liberties with the spelling or more importantly the meaning than did John the Revelator.
KML, you said--
 "The idea of the world to take up arms against God Himself is Absurd.
I agree with half of what you said in that we are in a spiritual battle and the players of this spiritual battle are the ones you listed----
1. against principalities
2. against powers
3. against the rulers of the darkness of this world.
4. against spiritual wickedness in High Places.
But the other part of your statement I completely disagree with. Not only is there a spiritual battle but a physical one as well. How do I know this? Because in the same chapter of Revelation it is made very clear that a ten nation alliance "being of one mind"  makes war with the Lamb and the Lamb overcomes them Rev.17:13-14. My take on this is that this ten king / nation alliance "being of one mind" will be of the one mind of Islam and will be fighting for their god Allah. I believe that this battle is the battle spoken of in Ezek. 38,39 where the bible says God Himself (the Lamb) personally goes to bat for Israel and wipes out four fifths of the alliance that is coming against Israel. And I believe that the one fifth that is left will be the ones who will then realize Allah is not the true god and then turn on the Roman Catholic / then to be, worldwide religion and destroy it as per Rev.17:15-18. And they will do this because God has put it in their hearts to do it. Rev.17:17.
As per the false prophet I can't specifically name him as I did the antichrist or the "instead of christ" who will be John Paul II, but I do have my personal feelings. The bible says that the false prophet comes from the earth and makes an alliance with the first beast the antichrist. If you look at present world events the Muslims are waiting for the return of a prophet (the false prophet) who is to come from the earth (he was lost down a well in the ninth century). When this Muslim prophet (the Madi) comes, the world (as per the Koran) is supposed to fall under Muslim control. Trouble is the antichrist comes on the scene first and he is the one with the greater power. The bible says that the false prophet has great power as well but only when he is in the presence of the first beast the antichrist.
So this second beast (the false prophet) who gets his power from the first beast (the antichrist) who gets his power from the dragon (Satan) will be subordinate to the first beast the antichrist. The false prophet the Madi will control all the Muslim countries that "are of one mind" (Islam) and he will turn over these countries and their power to the first beast the antichrist as per Rev.17:12-13. As to putting a name to this person the false prophet, the bible doesn't seem to give us enough information to do so as it did with the first beast the antichrist. So pick someone from a Muslim background and go from there-------there still maybe room for BHO as the false prophet for all you that think he will play a key role in the end time scenario.
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Bless you guys--- in Christ our soon coming Savior,
            John B   -----John Paul II anti christ video