Joe Till (19 Apr 2011)
"2 rapture dreams, mine and my little girl's"

Hello Doves,

Just thought I would share a couple interesting rapture dreams- one that I
had in 1982 when I was in 8th grade and my 7 year old little girl just had

The only rapture dream I ever had was in 1982 as a 13 year old kid.  I was
raised Catholic, but thanks to my older brother and the books of Hal
Lindsey, I learned many things about the end times that I was not taught in
Catholic grade school.   In my dream, I was outside playing with a bunch of
friends, including my best friend at the time, Curt.  Curt went to the same
school as me and believed in Jesus, but rolled his eyes when I learned about
Bible prophecy.  In the dream, we noticed two bright lights, looking like 2
suns or 2 bright headlights of a car in the sky in the distance.  We
stopped, and the lights seemed to come towards us at super sonic speed.  The
lights split off and flew around us at ground level, and before we knew it,
we were rising into the air through some sort of a light tunnel.  I could
sense that my friend Curt was near me, and he called out to me, "what's
happening?"  I called back to him- "this is it, this is the rapture!"  That
was the end of the dream.   I told it to Curt that morning at school, and of
course, he had no interest in hearing about it.

Years went by and I kind of forgot about the dream.  However, in the last
couple years, I feel the Lord has reminded me about this dream.  My oldest
son (who is also named Joe) is now the same age as I was when I had the
dream. He is 13, and just finishing 8th grade.   My second oldest son,
Christopher actually resembles my old childhood friend Curt in many ways-
same type of hair and he also wears glasses.  They both play outside
basketball and football with a bunch of the neighborhood kids.   I'm not
100% sure, but I think the Lord put on my heart that He may have been giving
me a foreshadowing dream in 1982, with my son Joe as me and my son
Christopher as my friend Curt in the dream.   So, now, everytime they go out
to play with the neighborhood kids, my rapture alert goes up! :)   Also- if
this is true that this dream from 1982 was actually my future sons and the
rapture, it is interesting to note that I had this dream when I was 13 and
in 8th grade.  My son Joe is turning 14 on May 19, 2011, and will be
finished with 8th grade shortly thereafter, so perhaps it's possible the
rapture will occur sometime before May 19?  Interesting...

Anyway, just a few weeks ago, my little girl, Kylie who is 7 years old and
very close to Jesus, also had a rapture dream.  What's unusual about this is
that we never really talked to her much about the rapture, thinking that at
her age, it might frighten her.  In her dream, my two sons were outside
playing (not sure if there were other friends with them, but she did say she
saw other neighborhood people in the dream), and she was outside riding her
scooter as well.   I was outside in her dream too, but not in the same area-
she said I was in the backyard.  My wife was inside cooking.  All of sudden,
it became really bright in the sky, and everybody stopped doing what they
were doing, and looked up.  She said that the clouds parted and she could
see Jesus.  She called out for me, but then said she already saw me
acsending into the sky, and then she and the boys also started to rise into
the sky.  She saw some of our neighbors looking up at the sky, and some of
them also rose into the sky, and others were left behind (no, she didn't say
who was left behind!).   Other details are that it was a warmer day, and
they were outside wearing shorts, so it could be on a warm spring day or

By the way, when my wife heard the dream, she asked, "what about me- was I
left behind to cook for the heathen people?"  We all laughed at that, but my
little girl said that she came outside too, when she saw the bright light

Just interesting that we have had two rapture dreams in our family, both
occuring at a time when kids are outside playing, and involving lights in
the sky.

Hopefully soon...

Joe T.