Joe M (19 Apr 2011)
"April 21st"

Dear Doves,

My wife, Pauline, was playing with our six year old son, Josiah, today.  Pauline asked him, "Do you think the Lord is coming soon?"
About 10 minutes later, our son said, "Thursday."
She asked him what about Thursday.  He said, "we're going to see God Thursday."
Later on without prompting, he said, "It's going to be so quick.  Jesus is coming right now.  It's going to be so, so quick.  It's not going to be a long time ago."  So Pauline asked him again what's going to happen on Thursday, and he said, "We're going to see God."

Our son doesn't know about how fast the rapture will be.  He doesn't use the word rapture.  I know we're not supposed to know the day or the hour.  Remember how New Year's eve celebrations work.  One country hits the midnight hour, then later another hits midnight, and so on and so on.  Even on five doves, we're from different countries.  So, is Thursday my time in the U.S. or Leigh's time in Australia?  Even the West coast in California is three hours different from the East coast time.   

Keep looking up!  There's so many signs!  Will we be here on Friday?

Joe M