Joe Chappell (21 Apr 2011)
"Katy Perry song E.T."

Dear Doves,
Yet another clue.
I got in my van this morning, and while listening to my usual Christian station, suddenly had the urge to push my son's button on the dial.  I thought maybe it would be playing the Lady Gaga song Judas. Not so. Instead, it was playing a Katy Perry song called E.T.
I looked up the lyrics, and I will not print them on this site. You can google Katy Perry  E.T. lyrics if you like. Beware!!
The gist of it, is sexual contact with an Alien.
I think we are seeing again, a fulfillment of the book of Jude, that will unfold even stronger in the 7 year tribulation period. Notice also , that the book of Jude falls just before the book of Revelation. No accident I am sure !
The devil is so excited, he can barely contain himself.
By the way, Katy Perry, was born Katy Hudson, child of a pastor if I am correct. She recorded gospel albums, with little success. Then she switched to pop, and took off.   Her first major hit on the pop charts was " I Kissed a girl and I liked it " . I think it was number one for many weeks. Would you believe her song "Fire Works" is sometimes played on Christian Radio stations ?