Joe Chappell (20 Apr 2011)
"1967 War in Israel and Sleepers Awake"

dear Doves ,
In 1967 Israel fought a short war, that resulted in the capture of the old city of Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. A momentous occasion !
It was June of 1967.
That same week, a song was released on the Radio, which was played around the world. It would become the most requested and played song of all history on British airwaves. The group was Procul Harum, and the song was A Whiter Shade of Pale. There is a vague reference to virgins in the song.  But what is most remarkable is that the tune of the song is based on an old Bach tune written around 1731, titled " Sleepers Awake ", and based on the story in Matthew 25 , of the Ten Virgens.
It seems that God has always used any and every possible means to get His message out.
Doves......watching !  joechappell