Joe Chappell (20 Apr 2011)
"To ; james R , Re Sleep and Holy Communion"

Dear James,
I saw a lot of comments on your sleep problems. I share the same difficulties. On a bad night, it is 7 or 8 times, Whew ! This has gone on for several years now. For some reason it is worse on Saturday night, which makes me sleepy in church of course.
I experienced something remarkable in the last couple of weeks.
The Lord led me into a three week fast, which I intend to  end this coming Sunday the 24th.
A few days into the Fast, ( liquid only ) I felt the Lord lead me to begin taking Communion every day.
I went and  bought a small supply of Welch's grape juice and the right crackers, which I noticed on the label contained barley. If that matters.
So about 10 or 11pm, each night, after eating nothing all day, I put on some worship music, quiet my soul, and take Communion.
To my surprise,  the very first night, I slept all the way thru till about 5:30am which is my usual get up time.
This has been going on every nite for the last two weeks !
I am sleeping like a Baby, and Dreaming.
I thought about keeping a watch on the night of the 20th thru the 24th,  for the Bride Groom ! , but now I have such peace when I lay down, that I likely will not. I am sure He will wake me when it is time.
God Bless You Brother......Sweet Dreams !!!!!!
p.s. I have enjoyed this Fast so much. It is remarkable the focus one has. I went and found a single crystal wine goblet at the second hand store. When I pour the juice, and lay out the bread, I look at them for a few minutes while I pray, there is an affection and appreciation I have never had at church.  Jesus, thank You sooo much !!!