Joe Chappell (15 Apr 2011)
"My two cents on feeling Earthquakes"

Dear Doves,
I definitely believe you can feel an earthquake, even many miles away.
Animals in the vicinity are known to suddenly panic, long before humans feel anything. It is thought that having four feet on the ground, and barefoot ( LOL ) gives them a heads up we don't get. 
In the Christmas 2004 earthquake in South East Asia,  there was an account of a working elephant , who scooped up his master, and ran for higher ground, thus saving both their lives. Long before the tsunami.
I recieved a phone call about 4:30 am, on Dec 26, 2004, from a friend who lives on his boat,  to tell me that waves 10 feet high were suddenly crashing on shore at the mouth of Tampa Bay. There was absolutely no storm, and no forecast whatsoever. A good friend and I  rushed out to see what was going on, and saw small boats tossed on shore, and docks washed out. The marina had been completely washed over. No one had a clue. I along with many others saw it with our own eyes !
Later that morning, we heard about the Tsunami, on the other side of the Earth. There was only a small mention of the damage ( on Tampa Bay ) on local news. The Tsunami dominated the news for days.
In Mariel Cuba, ten years ago, I sat with friends in their livingroom. They lived literrally nextdoor to the Power Plant that supplies electricity to parts of Havana.
While we were talking, I suddenly felt dizzy and woozy, and bent double , grabbing my head with both hands.  They laughed !
It was my first experience of being that close to the big generators when they switch them .  They had  felt it so often, that they had grown completely accustomed. I heard absolutely nothing, but boy did my body feel it !
blessings, joechappel