Joe Chappell (12 Apr 2011)
"Covenant Transport  ( redo )"

Dear John and Doves,
This is a redo , of my earlier email, with some deletions. I feel it was  a significant sign to us all.
 This event took place on April 4th.
I normally rise about 5:30am, and am in prayer around 6am.
I have a special prayer closet, ( my conversion van ), and the only view is directly in front of me, thru the trees ,across two roads,to the International Airport. I am in an industrial area with mixed residential. It is very quiet and secluded at that hour. I am free to pray as loudly as I want to.  This morning, as I was in prayer, about 6:30 am, the sun was just coming up. A semi truck turned onto my street to my left. It was moving slow and came to a stop. The tractor was white and the trailer was white. I watched it with no small curiosity. Suddenly, it seemed out of nowhere, a woman approached the truck, climbed up on the running board, opened the passenger door and climbed in beside the driver. She had long brown hair. When she opened the door, I could see the driver, was a man with long hair as well. After she got in, he slowly began to roll again, and disappeared down the street. As he was passing in front of me, I was listening on the radio to a Christian FM station,  and the song began to play " I can only imagine" by MercyMe.
Now here is the kicker. In giant red letters, down the side of the trailer, it said " Covenant Transport ".
My heart just about skipped a beat !
I have never seen this truck in my neighborhood, or on my street. I have never seen the woman who got in !
I memorized Ps 111 this year, and recite it daily.
Verse 9 says,  He sent redemption unto His people, He hath commanded His Covenant Forever. Holy and Reverend is His Name !!!!!!
For months, I have been reciting this Psalm, and when I come to verse 9, I always think , RAPTURE !!!!
Doves, how much longer ? joechappell