Joe (19 Apr 2011)
"Jan Mikael's Twins /part 1"

Hello Jan...Thank you for your interesting post on the twin's baptism.  I too believe it is prophetic.  As we all know, the Law is written on our hearts of flesh, rather than stone. 
The stone tablets of WITNESS( the Law) were "twinned".  In fact, the Hebrews called them the "Teomati"...or Twins.  We see the twin type again, with the Law of the Pentecostal offering, which was TWO loaves of LEAVENED(leaven= sin) bread which was to be placed in the FIRE. (oven)
  This is symbolic of the Bride (both male and female) who go through the Baptism of Fire to be purified.(stop the action of the leaven) There are two stages to the Law being written on our heart.  Scripture says it is first 'put in the mind" and THEN written on the heart.  It is fully written on our hearts when we emerge from the fire, as the purified Bride. 
The twins were baptized 26 minutes apart...Vincent (Victorious) at 10:30 and Josephine at 10:56
26 is YWVH and 26 minutes is 1560 seconds.  Note that it is the same numbers as Josephine's time of baptism.
You can remove the "0" in gematria. The words and phrases with the value of 156 are:   (scroll down to 156)
Of particular interest is the name of "Joseph" as 156 , which points to  Josephine twice, regarding "time". (1560 minutes after Vincent (Victorious) at 10:56
Also...the births were described as two miracles...and 156 is "miracle". 

The twins were baptized on the 4/14
414 is:

(more to follow)