Joanna Guest (27 Apr 2011)
"RE: James Norman + Healing + Faith encouragement"

Dear Doves & Specifically James, 

I really was compelled to respond to your posts. It really sounded like you were trying to convince yourself of what you've been telling yourself is the truth.
John 20:29
...Blessed is he who has not seen, and yet believes.

God blesses you everyday when you push through your doubt!

Hebrews 11
But you want to see faith in ACTION! I tell you James your faith is alive and well and sends greetings!
Greetings to you in the name of The Lord!

3 things that I can attest to:

1 Now I tell you I was very much healed! I experience God's favor always and walk in His grace everyday (Praise Him)

When I was young about 11 or 12 I had severe TMJ. ( )
TMJ is a condition that can effect the whole body and can cause blackouts, migraines, neck shoulder & back pain.
My problem was quite painful and I was prone to migraines daily and occasionally would black out because of the pain.
While at youth camp one "revival" weekend I was healed! I've never had problems associated with this condition again. Now I will mention that at the time I had seen an orthodontist and had to have braces to correct my teeth alignment; however this alone did not "cure" my problem. It was a word of healing spoken over a group of young people that I agreed was spoken for me that actually stopped the headaches and other debilitating symptoms.

Now, God in His great mercy to me has always had His hand on my life, and since a young child I was prone toward the things of God.

2 Recently, in the last month alone God has done wondrous things for me and my family.
My husband (struggling with his own faith) as we all from time to time struggle in this life...had been looking for a job since January.
I had prayed to The Lord to open a door...and not only open a door; but let it be known that this door couldn't have been opened by anyone but YOU oh God! So that my husband might be encouraged in his faith!
Can I just say...can I just say God opened a door; and there is not doubt it was mere fate!
a recruiter named Brian called to have him interview with a company, the company hires my husband
meanwhile another recruiter named Brian emails my husband about another opportunity -to which my husband ignores as the job requirements are above his experience
Days pass while my husband is working in his new role when the company decides they don't want my husband anymore and let him go!
My husband decides to call the 2nd Brian to see about the opportunity-but loses his voice!
The following day, I wake up with my ear plugged and cannot hear. The Holy Spirit reminds me of Revelation 2:7 (He who has an ear, let him hear...) I say Lord, I have an ear what are you saying to me today?
Meanwhile (you still with me) my husband's phone's the 2nd recruiter's BOSS...wanting to just see that even though they think my husband is no longer seeking employment that perhaps he would like to see about this other job!
At this time my husband tells them that he was actually let go after only a few days-to which they respond great we have you lined up for 2 interviews this afternoon. 
Meanwhile the 1st Brian calls him again (by the way all the Brians remind me of the scripture John 10:27 (my sheep hear my voice and know me & I know them)
The 1st Brian tells him "hey the company changed their mind, they want to rehire you-but you have to come in today"
of course my husband tells them he has an interview and can't come until the following day. In his heart he is scared to pass up a sure thing-but I insist God is doing something and not to miss it! To have faith...
The recruiter tells him that he's foolish to pass up this opportunity - that he doesn't need to go on an interview because he has a job...
Long story short (i'm long winded) He takes a step of faith and gets the dream job...making more, and working less!

3 Lastly and of most importance...we took a short trip before this last Easter to celebrate many things my husband being home from Iraq after 2 years, our wedding anniversary, a new job- God has been faithful. We visited Seaworld for the 1st time (or for that matter any theme park) with our 3 small children (3 y.o. and twin 2 y.o.) Crazy I know...
Having been at the park all day, we stopped at the Seaworld playground so that we could kinda sit while the children ran about.
As we were preparing to leave my husband needed help putting his back pack on as one of our children had fallen asleep on his shoulder. I took my eyes off our other two for 30 seconds to assist - and that's all the time it took to allow our 3 year old to walk off with out our knowledge!
After looking for her to leave we realize she is no where to be found! I'm not panicking yet but that part is coming when I realize the amount of people that seemed to all of a sudden show up at the park!
Panic sets in when I can't find any park employees to help me! I'm running around calling her name in a sea of people and the Texas sun is blazing! I'm crying to Jesus for help when I see finally a park personnel. They get right away on the talkabout hand radio to contact Seaworld Park police (that takes way too long) So I run off to see if I can spot her.
I can't...I pray to God to keep His mighty hand on Jovial until I can get to her...
Park police show up and I'm totally in tears crying my husband is in's about 15 minutes now and I'm racing with heartache!
Finally, there is word of a little girl whom they have who is lost...park police escort me to the description of a child matching the one I've given...and I'm emotional as we walk across the entire park to where she is. How on earth did she walk all this way by herself? How on earth did she walk up to a park personnel (when I couldn't find anyone) to tell them she was lost? that she didn't hide in one of the attraction lines or behind a bush or was taken by some evil person is a MIRACLE! I will never forget all of the trials and pain and joy and struggle and miracles and faithfulness of MY GOD! Thank you Jesus! 

So yes My God is great...and merciful and good.

James I want to pray for you!
Dear Father God!
you see James, you see his heart...only You can know it!
You have put in his heart the desire to see you and be touched by you. That physical truth would move the mountains he's found himself surrounded by! Not because he doubts you...but because he longs to walk in Your power-the power through Christ, you've promised to Your children-your inheritance! - To be a blessing to others...Encourage him Lord God...have mercy on him...You who made the heaven stoop down to the lowly (Psalms 135) to sit us with Princes.
Praise you Lord God...holy holy holy are you...and you're coming soon! Keep us until the day of your glory!


Please know I didn't write all these things to make you feel badly or make you think when is it my turn. I wanted to encourage you James. You are not alone-God hasn't forgotten you...there is no secret prayer or magic really is joy to wait on The Lord.