Jimmy Lishman (2 Apr 2011)
"Amen Bruce Baber - it is MUCH LATER THAN THEY THINK"

Hi Bruce – Amen brother that is exactly as the LORD has led me the past 9 months (wow a birthing moment!!)


I was amazed at what some of the Church Leaders in my country (South Africa) are up to. They have organized a grand musical tour of Israel and especially Jerusalem in September of this year accompanied by a whole raft of popular gospel singers and a full supporting entourage.


The must either have their heads stuck in the sand or be living on another planet, if they cannot see the unraveling physically happening in the middle east, a prelude to the Psalm83 war, happening now, with the Arabs instigating the 3rd intifada in Israel on 15 May 2011 by using Facebook and other social internet sites.

I think they have lead many astray and are now vying for huge deposits to book on this tour and ignoring the calls of the watchmen.

Not only will they rip people off of their hard earned cash and pensions but they blatantly ignore the one BOOK that should have been their guiding light – the WORD of GOD.

The profess to call themselves learned but are being proven to be fools – the multi-page full color ad in glossy magazines must have cost a fortune!

I am disgusted in them – but mine is but a small voice crying from the walls – may the GOD of Heaven give them mercy and open their eyes.