Jim Goodrick (6 Apr 2011)
"John Clark ; Jeff Anderson"

John Clark

We have prayed for you on Monday and will especially pray for you on Tuesday between 8--10,  that this procedure of yours is highly successful.

We are praying that your specialist regards your entire well being, and not just zeroing in on one specific, disregarding other physical consequences. May your supplement help in your condition.

Here is an interesting testimony :

We have prayed before, we are praying today and will pray for the future outcome, and that the Holy Spirit fill you with all Wisdom in this regard.

Jeff Anderson

We are praying here for your brother Bryan that he has a full recovery from brain surgery ... or that the Lord take him home. Bryan had stated that he was saved. We are praying that his heart is for the Lord. April 6th is his birthday and he may celebrate it here, or with the Lord. Either way is a Blessing.

We are keeping your family in prayer as well, that God strengthen all of you through this.
"All things work together for good to those who love God " Romans 8:28

God is Sovereign, and His will will be done. It may remain a mystery to us now, but in Eternity we will see and understand.

God bless you both-- John and Jeff --- in your prayer requests,
Jim Goodrick