Jim Goodrick (29 Apr 2011)
"Are American nuclear plants safe ?"

John and Doves,

Ever since March 10, 2011 ( Japan time ) when Japan suffered its nuclear disaster, the US has been keeping a closer watch on our nuclear plants. As you can see from the information below, we DO have vulnerabilities. And this is just for the month of April.

When a tornado strikes a  town, the electricity is knocked out, and the nuclear plant shuts down. And because the reactors need a constant supply of energy to cool down the core, generators are then turned on, which are run by diesel fuel. That is what happened on April 18th ( Virginia )  and April 28th ( Alabama).

There is something else to consider. Many nuclear plants are built close to the ocean because the developers
erroneously thought that there would be an enormous supply of water from the ocean to keep the core cool in times of emergency. Wrong.
Reactor cores can only be cooled by FRESH water. Salt water further corrodes the rods and compounds the problem, as Japan sadly found out.

Unfortunately, because developers wanted their nuclear plants near the ocean, they built them along the Pacific Rim...  the path of volatile earthquakes. They figured their nuclear plants could withstand up to a 5.0 earthquake. They did not foresee earthquakes increasing each year in intensity like the 9.0 quake in Japan .

So all these dots connected add up to a picture of vulnerability for our own nuclear reactors here in America.
Let's hope and pray that God's mercy will be upon us.
O Lord...in wrath remember mercy." Habakkuk 3: 2

In Him,
Jim Goodrick

3 Midwest nuclear plants under scrutiny  --- April 2, 2011
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission increased oversight of the three U.S. nuclear power plants, in Kansas, Nebraska and South Carolina, as part of a regular safety review. Bloomberg.com
But Jaczko said Wolf Creek and two others need a higher level of review because of continuing problems with safety systems and unplanned shutdowns. Kansascity.com

Nebraska had a nuke accident  --- April 3, 2011
"The three workers wrongly removed a radioactive tube through the bottom of a reactor vessel, rather than through the top. That set off the radiation alarm, prompting the workers to put down the tube and leave the area."

Virginia : 2  nuclear reactors were shutdown during tornado -- April 18, 2011
The US nuclear safety regulator said on Mondayit was monitoring the Surry nuclear power plant in Virginia. Dominion Virginia Power said the two reactors shut down automatically when a tornado cut off power to the plant. A backup diesel generator kicked in to cool the fuel. The regulator said no radiation was released and staff were working to restore electricity to the plant.

Alabama: 3 nuclear reactors shut down as tornado hits -- April 28, 2011