Jim Goodrick (28 Apr 2011)
"Many volcanoes"

John and Doves,

These volcanoes are currently active. Just as earthquakes are increasing, so too are volcanoes.
And not only land volcanoes, but undersea volcanoes too.
There are other volcanoes with intermittent activity, I'm sure, but these are the ones I found on the net.

It is my own personal belief that when enough of these volcanoes blow, then we will have a blood red moon in the sky from the atmospheric coloring produced by these volcanoes eruptions.

In Him,
Jim Goodrick

Icelandic volcano: Eyjafjallajokull -- April 27, 2011
"The eruption led to the largest closure of European airspace since World War II, affecting about 10 million passengers"

Philippines : Taal Volcano , with crater lake inside

Ecuador : Tungurahua Volcano According to our observations, damages to crops, pastures and small effects to the health of people are already evident," the Ecuadorean geophysics institute said.

Java, Indonesia : Mount Bromo  ( spectacular photos )

Hawaii : Kilauea Volcano( spectacular photos ) ongoing eruptions from time to time