Jim Bramlett (13 Apr 2011)
"Christ's soon return"

The attached will appear as a 1/4-page advertisement in USA Today and other newspapers across the country, as it has been for at least the last 15 or so years.  It is paid for by one of the original Five Doves, Paul Brown.  He and I wrote the ad together many years ago and have improved it from time to time, as we did again just this week.

Years ago, Paul got saved by a similar advertisement, placed by an elderly man, who passed away, and Paul thought the medium was so powerful he would take the old man's mantle and continue publishing it.  He set up a foundation for that purpose.  He and I met in the mid-1990s after I saw the original ad, contacted Paul, and offered my volunteer services to help improve it.  This is the result.

The ad has been seen in virtually every city across the country and in USA Today.  Many millions of people have seen it.  You could safely say that probably every newspaper reader in the nation has real at least the headlines, and know the message.  God is warning the people.  There will be no excuse.

It generates much mail and requests for the free reports, which I also wrote.

Paul's wife, Estelle, faithfully handles all the mail.

Please pray for the next and soon-coming release in USA Today, that many souls would be touched.