Jim Bramlett (1 April 2011)
"Donald Trump: Obama Possibly A Muslim"


This video clip of Donald Trump's interview with Bill O'Reilly reveals the real O'Reilly better than anything I have ever seen.

Trump sincerely and logically questions Obama's eligibility.  O'Reilly laughs at Trump and mocks him as an idiot.

Donald Trump is no dummy.  Yet O'Reilly gives him no respect and arrogantly blows him off and ridicules him.  If there is a fool here, it is not Donald Trump.

This blatantly confirms to me either that (1) Fox hosts have orders from the top to ignore or minimize this issue, or (2) O'Reilly has another agenda, such as sucking up to Obama and the left, as he often does.

Whichever, I have lost all respect for Bill O'Reilly and his giant ego, which will rarely let any guest, no matter how smart, finish a sentence without interrupting.