Jill Hart (1 Apr 2011)
"a comment Beck made"

I too do understand the controversy around Mr. Beck, but on
Wednesday's show he actually said something to the effect the Jesus
would be coming back, he looked at his watch, and said probably very
soon.  It blew me away.  His latest shows have been revealing. The
information he has gathered about Soros, Powers, Sunstein, Obama,
Quadaffi, the conspiriacy against Israel have been way informative.
Lately when watching the news it is as if you have to have a score
book so you can see between the lines of what is being said.  His show
is like the code book.  You have to ignore some of the stuff that
doesn't line up with what you know to be true, but if you can do that
you can are afforded the opportunity to glean bits and pieces that
make the rest of what is going on line of with what God said would be
happening at this time.