Jennie (20 Apr 2011)
"RE: Amanda"

You haven't offended me in the least, I just want people to understand what the bible says.  There are soo many people, even myself who SOOO DESPTERATALLY  want the Lord to come now, that I am afraid that if the 21st passes and we are still here, then you will be the one they will blame.  I have seen it so many times on ALL WEBSITES.  The date comes and goes and everyone is HEARTBROKEN once again, and the first thing they do, is look for someone to blame.  If I see a date in my visions, I will post it like this:
In my vision I saw June 21st, I don't know for sure if this could be a possible Rapture date frame, (not exact day), but I just wanted to share that with everyone.
See, how I put it this way?  Your not date setting, just sharing what you hear and see.  This way it doesn't come back to you as another False Seer or Prophet.   With the end times upon us, there is a lot of Evil people who are just waiting to slam us if giving the chance.  I hope you are correct, but if not, we do know he is coming ASAP.  YSIC  Jennie  I hope this helps.