Jennie (14 April  2011)
"Attention All Doves!!!"

Last night in the middle of the night, I was attacked by either an evil entity or a demon.  It came right into my dreams and put it's knee on my chest and pushing me down on my bed.  It tried to make me eat something.  I don't know what?  It was trying to force my mouth open, and I fought back and called Jesus to help me.  I yelled, " In the name of Jesus and the authority from him, I rebuke you!"   As soon as I said that, it was gone.    I have had these attacks before when I get too close to God.  The evil hates it. Time is short and the Devil is very upset right now.  I just ask for a little prayer for protection over me at night when I am sleeping, if you all don't mind?    I woke up terrified, the attacks are getting stronger when I do get them.  It's not often that I get them, but I have noticed a major increase in the strength of these.  This was the first time that I thought I was going to lose.  That is what scared me the most.     Thanks    YSIC  Jennie