Jeffery Anderson (22 Apr 2011)
"RE: Joe Till (20 Apr 2011) Why I believe there is significance to 111... meant for a specific generation"

I believe the 111 stuff could be significant, because 2011 is the only year that it adds up that way... using the birthdays of the generation that was alive when Israel became a nation again... maybe not meant for the young generation born in this century.

Also, at the time I am writing this email 3:37 pm April 21, 2011, the latest quake on my Quake List widget was a 5.6 in Japan at 11:11am today... about 4.5 hours ago. 
I have my iPhone clock set to display Jerusalem time and happened to look at exactly 11:11 almost half an hour ago and then looked at the clock on my microwave in the mid-west and it was a minute behind and displayed 3:10.

I have been seeing the 11:11 thing a lot... 12:12 for a while, but now back to 11:11

I will accept a "touche" now :) all in good humor.

On a serious note: 

My brother Bryan, by the way... who had the brain surgeries starting on April 1, has just gone unresponsive again today after a good couple weeks of being able to talk a little. 

I do long for the day that we are all together with all of the troubles of the world behind us.

Responding to the following comment:

"Oh no, here we go again with the birthday plus your age = 111 stuff! :)

Yes, I do think 2011 is a monumental year, perhaps the year of our departure
and signs are everywhere.

That being said, this whole birth year plus your age this year is 111 stuff
that has gone viral on the internet needs to stop.  Of course it will add up
to 111, because all everybody is doing is adding the number of years since
the year 1900 (assuming you were born in the 20th century- if you were born
in 2000 or later, it will add up to 11 since you are counting the number of
years since 2000).   Think about it- if you are/will be 40 years old this
year, you were born in 1971.  71 is the number of years since 1900, and 40
is the number of years that have passed since 1971.  Obviously it will be
111.  Next year it will be 112, in 2013, it would be 113, etc. etc. etc.
All you're doing is counting the number of years since the year 1900.
There's nothing weird or strange about it at all.  If you use this as a
"sign" of the end times to witness to others, you will only damage your
credibility.  Talk about the Biblical signs instead.

There are many signs all around us, but this is not one of them.  It is just
simple math and common sense."