Jean Stepnoski (8 Apr 2011)
"The Feast of First Fruits in 2011: Nisan 17 to 18"

Dear Doves,
      According to a 3 day count from the afternoon of Nisan 14, the day of Passover when The Master died, we arrive at Nisan 17 going to 18 for Israel. He rose before sunrise on Nisan 18. On Nisan 18, day portion He was offered before Abba Father in Heaven, as a richly symbolic First Fruits offering. He represented the first of the mature barley harvest, first the head, then later the body of the harvest. The completion of the Feast of First Fruits in 2011, will be on 4-22 going to 23 for Israel, going to The Shabbat, the Day of Rest. We are promised to enter into His Rest!  Also, this will end day 4 of the 7 days of The Feast of Unleavened Bread. Day 4 is the Servant Lamp Day, the midst of the menorah. Passover is not included in the 7 day count, it is the day of preparation before the additional Sabbath Day of the first day of the Days of Unleavened Bread. The conclusion of The Feast of First Fruits with the beginning of Israel's Sabbath and ending day 4 of Unleavened Bread for Israel, the Servant Lamp Day, all combined is fascinating. It is also 3 days before the last day of The Feast of Unleavened Bread. Hebrew reads from right to left. Are we not promised to be raised on the third day and to enter into His rest? It is the second of first fruit days in Nisan commanded for first fruits of barley. It is the last day for symbolic and literal offerings of First Fruit barley of Nisan 1 of the incomplete and Nisan 17-18 for the complete, the fully mature barley. It is The Last Day!
      There are 2520 days from 4-22 to 23 in 2011 until 3-16 to 17 in 2018, as noted by Sharon Gilbert. I am looking one day earlier than Raul, of 4-24. This would be 4-23 gong to 24 for Israel. We shall see.
      The events of The Day of the Blessed Hope may indeed be associated with the offering of the mature harvest, associated with later days in Nisan than Nisan 1. These would be latter days of Nisan, of the latter days of The Feast of Unleavened Bread. We have the latter days of the latter days! Before us are days ahead when the barley is maturing in the fields all over Israel. May these be profoundly meaningful days for our spiritual maturation and preparation for His Great Harvest for His Kingship and Kingdom. Bless the Lord of His Eternal Harvest of the Redeemed!
With Love and Shalom,