Jean Stepnoski (29 Apr 2011)
"For Elliot Hong"

Dear Elliot and Doves,
      There are a number of nouns and phrases to describe the Beast, also called the Antichrist. One is the Assyrian. He is also called the Prince of the people who destroyed Jerusalem. These were the Romans. Where might we logically look for clues? We can look to royalty in Europe. This is where we see much proof of lineage back to the Caesars of Rome, to the royalty of Assyria and so one. If you are someone with ancestry from Assyria, you can be called the Assyrian. You can appear to be Caucasian and Gentile.  Will the Beast rise from Europe or the Islamic World of the Middle East? That remains to be seen. It is important that he will be a Prince.
      The mark of the Beast is related to death for dissidents, by beheading. Here is where it gets interesting. A signature death for one of the infidel is beheading, according to the philosophy and religion of Islam. Do you know there is another Major World Religion which uses this as a signature death? It is not Roman Catholicism or  Protestantism, or Judaism, or Buddhism, or Hinduism. What is it? It is a form of  Satanism!  
      Some mother's son will be the Lawless One, the Son of Perdition. Another mother's son will be the False Prophet. I hope and pray that one of them will not be her endearing Wills, Diana's beloved son.
With Love and Shalom,