Jean Stepnoski (25 Apr 2011)
"Second Passover and His Barley Resurrection Season"

Dear Doves,
      In the days ahead of The Counting of the Omer, a measure of barley not wheat, there are 2 last days. There is the last day of Nisan 21 of the First Passover/ Unleavened Bread period of 8 days. The Second Passover is the last day commanded in The Torah for some, the defiled at the First Passover, to eat unleavened bread for the rest of the Scriptural Year begun at Nisan 1. It is a day of mystery and obscurity. The date is always 30 days after The First Passover of Nisan 14, so it is Iyar 14. Those defiled by touching the dead, animals or people, would have been disqualified from participating in the First Passover. Second Passover is the Mercy of His Second Chance to participate in a Passover, it is the Last Day of the Two Passovers in a Scriptural Year. The number 2 is a number of division or separation. It is the combination of Passover and days of Unleavened Bread into a day rather than the earlier 8 days. The story in 2 Chronicles about 14 days is a specific instance in the times of Hezekiah. It was not a commandment in The Torah to change Second Passover from a day to more days. Iyar 14 will be 5-17 to 18 in 2011 as noted on the Hillel Calendar. Worldwide, it will be over on 5-18. The date of 5-17 will be a Tuesday going to a Wednesday, which is the day of double blessing and the traditional day for Jewish weddings. For Israel on 4-28 at sundown, begins The Royal Wedding Day of 4-29-2011. Add 21 days, like the 21 Days in Daniel, to arrive at 5-18-2011, the day portion of Iyar 14. The number 5 is the number for the Age of Grace. The number 18 is 6 plus 6 plus 6.
      There is no commandment in The Torah to take away all items with leaven, or call it yeast, from a home for Second Passover. This is spiritually symbolic of the need and attempt to rid oneself of sins. Yeast is in the air we breathe and in our bodies. It cannot be completely avoided. There is the command to eat bread which is unleavened. When are we truly unleavened? We will be upon resurrection! Unleavened Bread represents The Messiah/Christ, the only perfect person, never leavened by any sin!
      Second Passover is the symbolic Last Day for the eating of the unleavened, the unleavened bread, as commanded in The Torah. The days of the harvest of the mature barley for Israel extend from The Feast of First Fruits, His Resurrection Day, going towards Shavuot (Pentecost) on 6-11-2011 this year. Messiah/ Christ is the symbolic First Fruits of the mature barley harvest , not the wheat harvest. Will the groom of grooms, the head of the barley harvest, return for a bride/ body related to barley or wheat? Wouldn't the wheat represent the group after the bride group, the harvest of the saints of the tribulum, the hour of tribulation? Will the wheat group still be considered bride? Or will they be a group of friends to the groom and bride? It is a second first fruits harvest after the first of barley. He is the first, the head of the barley, will His bride be related to the mature and complete barley harvest? The first, the barley groom, then the barley bride?
      The completion of the barley harvest, with first fruits then the rest of the barley harvest, clearly points to The Second Passover. Shavuot (Pentecost) is an approximate divider between Spring barley harvest and the later Summer Wheat harvest for Israel. Is the barley harvest for Israel complete before Pentecost? Does the harvest need 50 days? How about 30 days to complete the harvest by The Second Passover? This makes sense. Harvest all the barley, then the wheat matures and approaches harvest.
      The Second Passover repeats themes of The First: Death and Passover, Last Supper, First Born, Gethsemane, the Midnight Hour, Deliverance and Redemption! Will the Second Passover night, at the Midnight hour for Israel, be the time of the herald of the bridegroom and the awakening midnight cry this year? May we value each day of His barley Resurrection Season, from barley First Fruits, to Second Passover, to Ascension Day, to Pentecost! Each day of the 50 is important, attested to in the commandment in The Torah to Count the Omer of the barley in the count up, day by day. Each is a significant count up day. We cannot neglect these 50 days to spiritually leap ahead and only value Pentecost and the wheat harvest. First things first to completion is necessary. It is His Barley Harvest, First. It is a dual purpose time, for completion of the barley and the prelude to the next. Will the bride/ body of Messiah/ Christ experience The Day of The Blessed Hope, The Last Day, before 6-11-2011? We shall see. May we daily WATCH for The Lord of His Harvest, The Beloved, The Captain of Our Souls!
With Love and Shalom,