Jean Stepnoski (14 Apr 2011)
"Stages of Barley in Israel in 2011: Reply for Josua"

Dear Josua and Doves,
      You have assumed that the Doves know what you mean by barley in a Hard Dough stage available in Israel as of 3-22-2011. I have found no information to tell me that barley was in Hard Dough stage, growing in any field, as of 3-22, anywhere in Israel. A Hard Dough stage is one of the stages in the maturation of the barley. The following is a helpful article about barley in Aviv, the Head of the Year. It is found at to learn more. The following are the stages of barley as it develops. 1. Vegetative (growth) stage; 2. Budding and Flowering (Cotton) stage; 3. Seed pod formation stage; 4. Milk stage; 5. Soft Dough (Aviv) stage; 6. Hard Dough (Carmel) stage; then 7. Ancient ripe.
      The following tells us about the search, by an international team of participants, in the search for barley in a state of Aviv anywhere in Israel as of 3-5 and 6 in 2011. It is for information. Most was no further than stage number 2. There was some barley in the Jordan Valley in early stage number 5 of Soft Dough/ worm stage. It was weeks away from stage number 6, after which is about 14-17 days to complete maturity. We have a curious discrepancy here. Which is the Aviv stage? Is it Soft Dough or Hard Dough? Karaites and others did not believe the barley was Aviv as of the beginning of Adar II on 3-5 or 6, about 15 days before the Spring/Vernal Equinox. These are people who know the stages!
      The Torah Calendar states that the current month is Iyar, next year adds an Adar II. The Hillel Calendar states that we are in Nisan, the month when the first barley in Israel goes to Aviv, as of now and approaching the First Passover. Is the Hillel Calendar disqualified? It depends if you look at the barley found in the Jordan Valley on 3-5 or 6 as either at stage 5 or 6 in maturation! When was the barley Aviv? They searched again on 3-30 and found barley to be Aviv in the Jordan Valley, but not in the Northern Negev. They obviously were looking for barley in late stage 5, the Hard Dough stage. This was not the earliest earlier stage of Soft Dough found in the Jordan Valley as of 3-5 or 6. So it took 24-25 days for some barley to mature from stage 5 to 6. The stage of barley dough at maturation of Aviv would seem not to be at Hard Dough, rather than Soft or Firm Dough stages. The Firm Dough stage must be accounted for in between stages 5 and 6, the Soft Dough, then Firm, then the Hard Dough. The stage/state desired would seem to be late Hard Dough, then 14-21 days until Ancient ripe. Some barley in the Jordan Valley in Israel will be fully ripe for harvest as of 4-14 to 21, Nisan 14 going to 21 will be 4-17 to 25. This is a perfect match for the first barley in Israel, the First Fruits, going to full maturity this month, not last month! Finding some barley in Israel at state/stage number 6 only as of 3-30, means that the Hillel Calendar is applicable. The issues of interpretation of stages 5 or 6 make this process somewhat complicated, yet subtle. May The Lord of His Harvest arrive soon!
With Love and Shalom,