Jean Stepnoski (11 Apr 2011)
"Sivan 16: Arrival, New Beginnings, Blessedness, Restoration"

Dear Doves,
      If we add 75 days (30 plus 45) to Nisan 1 in 2018 as of 3-16 to 17, we arrive at Sivan 16 in 2018. This would be 2520 days plus 75 days from the Feast of First Fruits in 2011. Two significant things happened on Sivan 16 in Scriptural History and in American History. The first concerned Gentiles. The second concerned Jews. Each has themes of arrival, new beginnings, blessedness, and restoration. Each is a Day of Spiritual Sea Change!
      The date in The Scriptures concerning Sivan 16 is in Genesis 8:4. On this date, in 2105 BCE,  Noah's Ark came to rest. It had arrived at its destination. This was 165 days after the rains ended. The 8 individuals were a community of Gentiles, on day 1 of a process of new beginnings, blessedness and restoration. It was like the arrival at The New Beginning for Gentiles Day!
      On Sivan 16 in 1716 several Jewish merchants arrived in Massachusetts on the ship named Restoration. They were the first Jews to arrive and begin to reside in New England and were the beginning of the first Jewish community in the New World. The arrival and the beginning of the pouring out of the blessings of the Covenant with Abram/Abraham, began this day for Massachusetts, the colonies, the New World, for America! It was a momentous day of arrival, a new beginnings, blessedness, and restoration. It was like The New Beginning for Jews Day!
      From Sivan 16, 10 days after Pentecost, are 16 weeks or 118 days to Tishri 15, the Feast of Ingathering/Tabernacles. Remember Psalm 118? "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord." "Open for me the gates of righteousness. I will enter and praise the lord." There are 4 months to the Final Harvest from Summer as of Sivan 16 to Tishri 15. Sivan 16 is like day 60 after the beginning of the Counting of the Omer.
      This is an amazing spiritual convergence of anniversary dates! This is the Arrival Day for the starting of New Beginnings and Blessedness and Restoration for Gentiles then Jews. It is also the day 1335, according to The Book of Daniel. Daniel 12:12 states "Blessed is he who is waiting earnestly and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty five days." This is The Day for Arrival, New Beginnings,  Blessedness, and Restoration for the community of Gentiles and Jews combined!
      Revelation 22:12 states the following. "Behold I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay everyone for what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end." Upon the Arrival of His Sivan 16, shall begin the greatest period of New Beginnings, Blessedness, and Restoration that Planet  Earth has ever experienced!
With Love and Shalom,