Jan Mikael (8 April 2011)
"Re to John B: What are "they" bombarding us with ???"


Im sure your right, we are standing in the midst of an evil attack,
where satan and the marionet's of his, try to break our faith down
if possible, by frighten us with so one, and so another lie.

Even through deceptive news-medies and movies, they try to
manipulate us, hoping for that we will fall for their deception.

But when they now be in sutch a hurry, - we can know they
have information, who frighten even them, - they know that the
great intervention of the Almighty God, is very close to happen.

So they act fast, still hoping for to win the spiritual fight, therefore
they say to us: dont look up, - but Jesus say the opposite with the
words: when you see all this happen, look up, your redemption
is near !

Jesus Christ is the Truth, the Way, the Life, - let's like the Philadelphian
Church, stand fast in the word's from Jesus, the living word from God.
let's follow and obey Jesus Christ as our Redeemer and Saviour !

Have a blessed day in the love from Jesus ><> * - ybic, Jan Mikael !