Jan Mikael (8 April 2011)
"Re to Gerry Almond: To All Doves...Never give up...look Up !"


For sure we live in a strange time, and we as Christians is almost out of the line soon. thinking of the words from Jesus in Matthew 8:11-12.v. - Paul in Roman 11:25-36.v. and Peter in Act. 3:19-23.v. + a lot of event to be fulfilled.

I totaly agree in your request to all Doves and readers: Dont give Up....Look Up - our redemption draws near.

This month of Nisan mean's the month of Redemption - but it is also the month of Resurrection, - and it's Passover to !

let's follow our Sheperd Jesus Christ, He know the way, and how to take care of what belonging to Him, - because Jesus is the Truth, the Way, He's the eternal Life ><> *

Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !