Jan Mikael (7 Apr 2011)
"Could another event take place first ???"


When Jesus was ressurected from the death, and taken to Heaven as our High Priest in the Temple of God's,
He also was born again, as a New Creation, the New Man. - If we belong to Him, and if we are the children God gave Jesus, then we are a part of Him, after the will of the Most High, and then we also are a part of Hi's body, a New Man. - Romans 8:28-29.v. and Hebrew 2:5-18.v.
Jesus our Head are in Heaven, the body of Christ still are on Earth, but we could be that Male-Child given birth trough the labour pain, and the churches in world, taken to Heaven to be one with our Great Lord Jesus Christ. It could be the first event soon to happen, followed by the rapture of the bride.
Think of: when Jesus talked about the ten virgin's, who was the five who meet the bridegroom with light ? - in fact they meet the bridgroom on midnight, and was together with him, the night before he go to the bride, - as a groom's friends, often are alone together with the groom, the night before the wedding !
That's what I feel the Lord have told me, example in my Candle-vision, but also through a lot of prophecies from all over the world. - Put the pieces together and believe. It could all happen in a 'flash' in a Great light, like in my daughters vision about the men of light !
Even in a nuclear explosion, the Lord can transforme what He want, remember: He is our Great Creator, and He have it all under control, we dont have to frighten. - Praise our Lord, our Saviour and Redeemer for Ever !
Have a blessed day, look on, listen in obey to, and follow Jesus Christ, our Great Light, He alone know the way Home, so dont frighten, because He also know how to take care of those belonging to Him !!!
- in the love from Jesus ><> * Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !