Jan Mikael (4 Apr 2011)
"our Almighty God is Supreme, and have no Equal !"



Dk, 4.o4.2o11 !

I know, can feel deep inside, that something great soon is going to happen, let's prepare in pray.
I have lost all mail's, and actuel news-article's etc. about what's going on in the world right now, and for the last week's, - before I found out, the Lord spoke lovingly to me, like to a child of Hi's: stay
in Me and close to Me, trust in Me, and I will stay in you, and protect you !

After that wonderful promise, the Holy Spirit talked to me, and reminded me about this:

the Almighty God is Supreme, He have no Equal. it's close to blasphemy if we compare Him with us
or other people, yes even with the 'evil spirit' - because of, God He is our Great Creator, and we all only are the creation of His.

For a long time the Most High have been silent, given us time to repent and to follow the way of His, through Jesus Christ, who paid the price to set us free, so we could make our own choice.
But I feel, that we now have come to the end of the line, end of the time measured for us, - so now we have to find our place, make our eternal choice.
Let's Give Praise, Honour, Love and Worship to our Great Creator and Father in Jesus Christ ! and may He
soon take us Home for ever. - in the love from Jesus Christ, - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !