Jan Mikael (25 April 2011)
"Disapointed, feeling sorrow and lonliness ? - Jesus Christ our Lord are Resurrected and Change, and so will we be, in a Flash of Light, a Twinkle of an Eye - the same moment the Great God chose !"


It's necessary and good for us to think back, about how Jesus disciples and followers feeled, that day the crucifyed Jesus, and the time and days after, it most have been awfull. But also understand that when we almost 2ooo years after, can have the same feeling of sorrow and loneliness, in our expectation of the soon coming of Jesus, - then it confirm, that the Almighty God are close to let something almost unbelievable happen.
Let's never forget: the Almighty God in fact are - ALMIGTHY - and He have it all in control, Praise and Worship to our Wonderful Father in our Lord Jesus Christ !
"Dont you know that all of us, who were baptized into Christ Jesus, were baptized into His death ? - We were therefore buried with Him through baptism into death in order that, just as Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, through the Glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. If we have been united with Him like this in His death, we will certainly also be united with Him in His resurrection" - Romans 6:3-5.v.
So what some of us feel, is just a litle of that loneliness and sorrow, Jesus he may have experience that evil time, right up to the crucifying. - but our Great Lord Jesus Christ, He Finished and won Victory, an eternal Victory on Golgatha, - Praise and Glory to our Lord.  
God send us His Son, to be born as a human in flesh and blood as us. And Jesus followed the will of the Almighty God's, and as a Light, the Living word from God, (Isaiah 55:8-11.v.) he teach us, and paid the price for our sin, (our going our own way, doing our own will) on the cross of Golgatha, Jesus gave His own life instead of ours, so He could set us free to make our own decision, (John 8:36.v) - to believe in God and follow the will of He's !
When Jesus died at the cross, the enemys pierced Him in His side, and blood and water flow down to the ground, as a pay for the sin in the earth. - But it also symbolic point to eve who was taken out from the side, the rib of adam. - So we as the children following Jesus,  and given to Jesus Christ from God, is born by the will of God, - John 1:11-13.v.
Followers took Jesus down from the cross, and quickly placed Him in a tomb, because it was close to a Sabbath. Jesus was in that grave in three days, - but early on the first day, He was Resurrected, - but not only that, - He was Born again as the Firstborn of a totaly New Creation, the New Adam, a New Son of Man. looking forward to fulfill the book of Daniel 7:12-14.v.
Jesus as a part of the Deity, in the creation gave breath into Adam, - He him-self now, was given breath, - on the first day, - as the first New Son of Man, it all happen on the first day.
Now the Light for ever have been seperated from darkness. - Jesus who in John 1:11-13.v. gave all who would believe in Him, right to be the sons, children of God - given birth by the will of God, - verifyed Hi's proclamation of an acceptabel year from God, - Luke 4:17-21.v.
But it also means, that those who believe in Jesus Christ, as the true 'Son of God, and the true Son of Man' - they also will be changed to He's image - read f.ex. in Paul's letter to the Romans chpt. 5. 6. 7. and 8th.- the first day sunday, now have become the day of the New-born Sons of God !
There still is some event's to happen, but a birth-right are given to us, if we believe in it, and take it to our heart in faith, Jesus have Finished it all, - it also mean it's over now.
the Lord will fulfill the promise He have given to our father's, - about a 'Kingdom for Israel'
It will after the thousend year, be followed by the 'Eternal Kingdom of God's' - who also are mention in the book of Daniel 7:13-14 + 27.v.
Soon we will be changed, and taken Home to the Wedding banquet - and Coronation-feast in Heaven, Matthew 8:9-12.v. so let's stand fast in faith, only look at, listen to, and in obey follow our Great Lord Jesus Christ, as our Almighty God have told us to do.
Praise and Worship for ever, to our Wonderful Creator and Father in Jesus Christ.
Have a blessed Easter-Experience, in the love from our Lord and love, Jesus Christ, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael !