Jan Mikael (23 Apr 2011)
"re to Leslie, about 21st. !!!"


I agree Leslie, almost to much talk about 21st. but in fact did it say of April or Nisan ??? -  on my Hebrew calendar, 21st of Nisan is 25th of our April !
But it at least tell me, that a lot of people are awake, but it also can go the other way with all those date-setting, people get disappointed when nothing happen, and forget to do what God told Peter, John and Jacob on the mountains with Jesus, when they have that great experience to see Jesus change to Light, and speak together with Moses and Elijah. - but then a cloud came down, and they heard God's voice from the cloud: this is My beloved Son, listen to and follow Him, - they fall down to the ground, and when they again looked up, THEY SAW ONLY JESUS !
Im sure that is what we also have to do, look at, listen to, and in obey follow what Jesus He tell's from the Bible and through the Divine Authority on Earth in our Time, - the Holy Spirit - in fact Jesus said, that the Holy Spirit will show us the whole truth, - meaning, open the scripture up, for those who ask and pray for it, and who listen !!!
Have a blessed Easter-week, ybic, Jan Mikael !
Leslie Fain (22 Apr 2011)

With all the talk of 21 I was looking at http://www.betemunah.org/feasts.html

On Nissan 21 this is what his study says
This is the day God will destroy the wicked and baptize the righteous with fire.  Matthew 3:11, 2 Peter 3:3-16, TC

21 means the seventh day With so many calendars out there we will see when Nissan 21 is my belief is this Saturday but could be Monday/Tuesday Jerusalem time we would be about 8 hours behind.
God bless! - Thank you John!