Jan Mikael (2 Apr 2011)
"Was the year 2 0 1 0 Prophetic in it-self ???"


Was the year 2010 prophetic in it-self ? - some people mean, that 2010 not have ended yet, but first will end this month, when Nisan the first month in the Hebrew calendar, start on 4/5th. of April ? - Nisan means Redemption !
So if 20 also means 'Redemption' and 10 means 'Law' - then 'the last days' of the year 2 0 1 0 could be the time for seperating, (taken away of the church) and the call again going back to Israel ??? - as in the prediction of both Paul and Peter in Romans 11:25-36.v. and in Act 3:15-26.v.

According to Pastor Riley's Bible-studie 'Pentecost'
following numbers mean's.
 5 = Grace.
 23 = death.
 28 = Eternal life.
 2o = Redemption.
 1o = Law.

Year 2010 could be a 'prophetic year' who divide 20=Redemption, from 10=Law, by a Zero,a result of our Lord Jesus Christ's Sacrifice on Golgatha, paying the price for our sin, fulfilling the Holy-plan, Grace, - from our Allmeigthy God !

If 20 means Redemption, change, transformation to the Jesus-believers, dying from our old adam-body, and changed to the image of Jesus, and then resurrected to eternal life, by the grace from God, - escape/rapture ! - but of course, only The Almighty know the exact time !

But if 10 means the Law, then it could be start of Hosea 6:1-3.v. and of Roman's 11:25-36.v. for the jewish-Israelian people, who still not believe in Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and as prophecied, end with Zechariah 12.

All Praise, Glory, Worship and Love to our Great Creator, to Jesus Christ, our Wonderful Lord. and to the Holy Spirit the Divine Authority on Earth in our time, for revealing and open the word from God more and more to us.

The word from God are a living word, Isaiah 55:6-12.v. and Jesus Christ is the Living Word from God, so send it out, and it will unfold by the Power of God, - Praise the Lord, cant you hear his voice ???

May God bless, protect and save all of us, in the name of Jesus Christ.

        - Marana-tha, ybic, Jan Mikael !