Jan Mikael (18 Apr 2011)
"Answer to those who write and ask, about symbolism in the baptize-event, in the danish royal family !"


No Im not saying that litle country of mine is so importent, but when you read the Bible, you see the Lord act on almost another way, - Remember when the priesthood or royal family in Jerusalem, wouldn't take notice of the time for Jesus to be born, - then the Lord used 1 - the poor sheperds on the field, 2 - three chaldean wisemen from the old place of Daniels, 3 - Anna and Simeon, who have been told it of the Spirit of God. - so it's almost like a test on us.
Danmark is a protestant nation's, have been for over 1000 years, but our queen Margrethe is the head of the danish church. So according to known practice, the Lord speak to a nation - church through it's human head - f.ex in the book of Rev. to the 7 churches. this event could have a symbolic meaning to the whole christianity, because of our queen are both head of the nation and the church.
And the baptize became a 'private family/church-event' - Even a lot of royal persons have been invited, (in fact most of them, have their root's in the danisk royal family, UK to) but they delayed, because of calendar or other problems. f.ex. UK, plan a Wedding soon (29th of april) other royal familys have their own problems to, 
I see it as a confirmation of my thought's, about a Symbolic meaning behind this baptize-event. - (also the fact  our queen have birthday the 16th. of april. (the queen was born on 16th of april 1940, and become 71 year this year) point me to that conclussion this event is symbolic.
Remember my letter about the twins, was born in the Royal Danish family, on a Saturday 8.o1.2o11 - they were given birth on a Sabbath day !!!
Now Thursday 14.o4.2o11, at 15,30 hour, they was baptized in Copenhagen. a old church from 5.sept.1619 called Holmen Kirke. and they were Baptized on a ordinary day, - a Thursday ???
The twins were baptized because of faith in Jesus Christ, among the family, and baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ! - and if we put 7 days or 10, to the baptize date, we have 21th and 24th. of april, our Easter - (could it be our Pass-over ???)
then a litle jump back.

When the 33 miner's from Sct. Joseph mine in Chile, was 'taken up and out of the
Earth's 'Womb' into  the Day-Light' 
it reminded of Joseph, taken up, and out of the Egyptian (world) prison, placed in the light close to Faraoh's throne, and given great power.
Praise to our Lord, now we have to see, if it have symbolic meaning to us ???

Saturday 8.1.2o11, I have a special experience when our Crown-princess Mary,
that 'Saturday' (sabbath) gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter.
our Crown-prince called it - 'the Two Miracles' - and the staf on Hospital, called it a 'Dream-Delivery'

First 10.30 am, a Male-child. and 26 min. later, 10.56 am, a Female-child.
1. - a Male-Child (a Prince, could mean: ('the first taken away' Rev.12:5.v.) 
      today 14.o4.2o11 baptized Vincent, who means: "the Victorious" !
2. - a Female-Child (a Princess, could mean: ('soon rapture of the Bride')
      today 14.o4.2o11 baptized Josephine, who in fact means: "Joseph" ! 
 those two meanings - 'the Victorius' and 'Joseph' ??? 

I always have seen the parable 'Ten Virgins' as One Event, - about FRIEND'S of
a bridegroom, the night before the Wedding/Coronation, the five are ready to Light Him into he's tent, when he comes at the midnight before wedding-day, and they always staying with Him.
in my thought's, it's soon followed by the Second Event, Rapture of the Bride. 
I believe it's a Two Event's - situation's, closely tied together in time´. - also see all those dates, 14th of april, 7 days later 21th of april, 10 days later 24th of april !
our Easter-time. - (followed by a british royal wedding on 29th of april) - at least the Lord want us to look up for His intervention/coming in a twinkle of an eye !!!

In the love of Jesus Christ, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk