Jan Mikael (18 Apr 2011)
"about our faith !!!"


There is one thing who are more reasonable, than to tell our Great God what He have to do, and on what way He shall do it, it's to ask what do you want of me Lord ?
It's true Jesus gave us the parable about the widdow and the judge, but we have to understand that it's all about to ask for what God promissed to do, promissed because of Jesus, - and not what we want Him to do for no realy risen.

Our Almighty God is ALM IGHTY, and nothing can restrict or limit HIM. only when HE for a 'while in a special event, plan to limit HIM-SELF, and only when HE make that choice by HIM-SELF !
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- there is a risen why Jesus say to the Jews: you read daily in the HolyScript, but if you have understand the script, you would have known me. Wecant find out anything by our-self - it most be revealed for us by the HolySpirit - the Spirit of God's ! Jesus also mention the difference between christians faith, in His word'sto the Philadelphian Church,and Laodicean Church.To the first: even you have only a litle strenght, you have listen to andstand firm in my words !to the second: you are 'lukewarm' - you only trust in your-self and your ownstrenght, doctrines and old tradition's, but like eve, you never realy trustin and know me !About the parable of the 10 virgins, only the five looked for the bridegroomin faith. - but if they were those, waiting for him to come before thewedding, they could not be the bride also, they must be like friends thenight befor!
e wedding, together with the groom ! Jesus also say: the children of this world are cleaver than the children oflight ! - it's a realy hard speak. but He mean: if the children of thisworld want something, they go for it, look up and go for all necesarrything's who can help them to get their purpose. But the children of light, have seldom found that way of simple wisdom,(mention in Malachi chpt. 3:16-18.v) and some never listen to each other, ifnot they have let the Holy Spirit take over in their life, - thats our realtest and preparation, before the coming of our Lord ! - may the Lord help usall wash us clean in the blood of Hi's, and prepare us for Hi's commingMaranatha, Jan Mikael !