Jane (28 Apr 2011)
"Re-More thoughts about the Royal Wedding"

Blessings Elliot & Doves

I also have wondered and there are a couple of things I wanted to point out.

Williams full name and meaning of each name is very interesting indeed! The name Arthur stuck out to me the most there were different meanings and it even says no-one is sure of the meaning but one of them means brightest star in the constellation "bootes" near the great bear

William means "will - desire" protector it also talks about the knights of the templar
Phillip - Horse lover (we know that he comes on a white horse and is given a crown could that mean a prince)
Louis - Fame & War

Now whats really amazing is her name:
Cathrine means pure & virginal
Elizabeth means consecrated to god ( in biblical circles its about the bread and wine)

I also was wondering if they do go to Jordon for their honeymoon which it has been said they will but only time will tell in Petra there is a Holy temple but it wasn't our Lord that they used to worship there! when I read Daniel again it does not say he will stand in the temple in Jerusalem, if we were to see him on TV declaring he is god even as a joke...... We would know for sure! and I have been reading again and it does say in the bible he will be revealed BEFORE we go BUT we are taken BEFORE he is given all his power

Personally I am looking to the second passover and i encourage anyone who has NOT washed others feet or eaten of the bread or drunk the wine in REMEMBERANCE of our Lord as he COMMANDED us to do should do so on the evening of the 13/14 Lyyar (which is 17/18 May) Jesus KEPT the passover (FACT) so if he kept it he took it the evening before which is the correct time and not the evening after as he had already been crucified and that evening would then be the start of the next day, Moses kept his passover the same time as Jesus kept his which is how it is possible for them to come out of Egypt THE VERY SAME DAY the 14th and not the 15th which would be the next day

I ask anybody who is reading this why would you NOT want to do the very thing Jesus showed you to do for the new covenant and to remember him by? And WHO would NOT want you to do the very thing Jesus commanded you to do?

Jesus said make EVERY effort to enter through the narrow gate and FEW will find it!

3 days after the passover in Nissan Jesus rose
3 days after the passover in Lyyar Noah entered the ark 17 Lyyar

Blessings to all doves in Jesus wonderful name