Jane (25 Apr 2011)
"Re -Raul D second Feast day"

Blessings Raul

Every time the Spirit reveals things to me i get excited and go looking to see if anyone else sees the same and YOU seem to always be the person that confirms what I have been shown amazing!!

I wanted to tell you that my family and I have been watching ( Observing ) the feast of unleavened bread late at night over here in the UK, tonight is our last watch for this feast and yet I feel it is not our time, as much as i so do want to go and Father knows my heart.

So today I was already looking at what days are left before the wheat harvest which I do not believe we are and yes you are correct there is the second feast which very little is spoken of, it is like a last chance to get right with God before he puts his foot down and says no more! Just like I do with my children they are nearly always given a second chance to do right.

Anyway the thing is which I believe is so important is in the second feast it starts the same as the first on the evening of the 13/14 Lyyar then the day Jesus rose from the tomb on the evening 17/18 Lyyar the day after the sabbath is the VERY DAY Noah went into the ark! 17 Lyyar
We know already that May 15 is the start of the Muslims coming against Israel in their stand for Palestine and this is on the very day the Jews went back in 1948. So trouble is brewing and just maybe this will be the fulfillment of the second passover.
 As in the days of Noah when God shut the door!

Blessings to all who love the appearing of our beloved