Jana Miller (18 Apr 2011)
"ACTS  1:11 and the RED FOX FLEECE"

Dear John and Fellow Doves,
I have seen the 11's and mostly 111 and have pondered the meaning, like many of you . On a road trip last week I was praying silently while my husband drove, and there on a road sign was 111 again ,and then shortly after that another sign with 777 on it. I have seen 777  before,too..on a car plate. I was praying on the way to church today for the truth about all of this. Some of you may remember I have posted dreams ect.  that have a message quality to them (at least to me) but I,have not had these experiences lately. I have marveled that many of you,and your loved ones,are now having the type of dreams I USED to have !!Anyway, I have been feeling a little out of the loop,so I was asking God for answers. When I got to church the pastor had up on the large screen the scripture ,Acts  1:11! There it was again, another 111.This scripture tells the men of Galilee that they should be aware that the same Jesus they are gazing up into heaven after, will come back in the SAME manner!!!  Wow!   Then, as I was walking and praying in the early evening and pondering  the dates we are looking at, and the feeling many are having about the Rapture being soon, I told the Lord that I do not have the ability to figure these things out. I am not that smart. I just want to know the truth in a simple way. I happened to see a red fox go into the woods. I rarely see any fox,maybe a couple of times a year...so I decided to lay out a fleece. I have only done this a couple of times in my life. I do not play games with our Lord. The Lord answered in the past , so I felt that He would do so again . I asked the Lord to let me see another red fox before  getting home and going into my house, IF THE RAPTURE WAS SOON , AND THIS YEAR IN 2011! At  this point , I was almost home and I knew that seeing a fox was very unlikely,a remote chance.  I  did not see  one ,so I walked around my property to be sure, and was going to give up and go into my house, when I felt drawn to the side of my yard for one last look. There he was ...a beautiful red fox, standing still, staring at me from about 20 feet from my yard. I got down on my knees and thanked God for this amazing answer ,and the fox just kept looking at me  pray. He left when I  did. I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. Lora's wonderful study would indicate that we may be a Spring bride! I am so excited and full of joy and anticipation ,like a bride! I pray to be counted worthy. Thought this was worth sharing.
Yours In the Lamb,