Jan (26 Apr 2011)
"To Paul Wilson, and StanFreeman, also  ("RE: So That Your Joy May Be C    omplete")"


I meant to thank you in my note to Stan---for your wonderful comments, on seeing our little ones in heaven!

I once read a version of Rainbow Bridge which dealt with those who'd like to have more pets to care for there---

The gist of it was:

Someone in heaven noticed that some of the dogs, cats and other pets waiting at the Bridge seemed especially quiet, almost sad--- their heads on their paws.  When she asked about it she was told that these were pets whom no one had loved on earth. 
Suddenly they sprang up, ears cocked, eyes looking intently at one particular person just entering heaven.  The observer asked, "Who is that?"  And--as all of the pets ran joyfully to the person---she received her answer, "Why, she is an animal rescuer!"
And all of them trotted along with--or encircled her feet---as they all--together--entered Heaven.

Paul and Stan, there will be so many little ones, perhaps, there also, whose owners did not know our Lord.  They, too, will need our love! :)

God bless you both---and all of the Doves who are blessed by the lives of their own little ones!

Jan in AZ