James R (14 Apr 2011)

TO MOST ALL DOVES: there is most probably a gap after the pre-tribulation rapture before the 7 years!!Seems no one is allowing for this in their studies and teachings. A good website is www.eternalproductions.org click on ARTICLES and scroll down to; reasons for a gap between the rapture and the tribulation. It will help in your studies.   Another very good website to learn about the 7000 years of history according to GODS plan and some other things to help is www.torahcalendar.com (I dont agree with every single word but most of it is great and very eye-opening)  DO AT LEAST CHECK THEM OUT. Thank you for reading this and I'm  together with you on the rapture any moment!!! Praise GOD forever!! Many of you DOVES have been a great encouragement to my heart in these trying times. GOD bless each one of you as we are yearning and looking for our Savior with great anticipation!! Brother in Christ,James R.