James Foo (20 Apr 2011)
"Paul N. F. - "Only Servants of Truth Can Know the Truth""

Hi! John and Doves

It is well said "Only Servants of Truth Can Know the Truth". Is not
the head knowledge that save.... is the Heart of the Soul of sinner.

After reading this article about the teenager that once attended
Church now became a home grown terrorist ... a very sad story


Omar Hammami grew up, an all-American boy, baptised and church-going.
"His dad is Syrian, a Sunni Muslim, his mom's a Southern Baptist, from
a little tiny town down here. His mom would take him to church and
stuff like that," his schoolfriend, James Culveyhouse, explains.

Over the years Omar Hammami became an adherent of stricter and
stricter Islam - turning far more orthodox than his father.

If Omar died right now ... JESUS will tell him " ... Depart from me
... I Knew you not "

The followers of Christ is walking on the straight and narrow path.