Jack (1 Apr 2011)
"Jack Re: What are the chances""

Hi Jack,
I can see  where you'd be be excited concerning all those eights!  As far as the issue of being baptized before being able to access heaven, well, always remember the thief on the cross.  He had no time for anything ......no time for anything, EXCEPT to ask our Lord,  Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom and Jesus told him,  TODAY YOU SHALL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE.  Luke 23: 42-43. Pretty much sums it up, huh .  
Being baptized is only a symbol of the fact that you previous decided to accept Christ.  It's true that Jesus wants us to be baptized because it's a public admission of the fact that you have accepted Him.  It is therefore a witness to others who may not know Christ at all.  Our salvation and illegibility for the rapture has nothing to do with baptism.