Inasmuch (6 Apr 2011)
"YouTube - american idol casey abrams saved by judges - prophetic of Israel!"


You have to be in the U.S. to vote for American Idol.  Get the word out to Vote for CASEY ABRAMS!

In my opinion the best American Idol contestant this year is either Casey_Abrams (Jewish) or Jacob_Lusk (black Christian).  Both are good, just different.

The three judges did a spectacular "save" this year when Casey was voted out by the American public.  The judges have the ability to "save" one contestant per year and that is usually at the end of the season.  They "saved" Casey way early in the proceedings.  Then they each talked about how great a decision they made in "saving Casey."  Casey was so sure he was cast away that when they "saved" him, he nearly fainted and went back stage where he was attended by a doctor and said he couldn't stop crying.  I believe this is somehow prophetic that Israel will be "saved" by Ha Shem (the Judge) and not destroyed as the American public seemed to want.

Casey was doing his best and "singing for his life" when he was saved by the judges!  See,

Jennifer Lopez:  "We know you've had a rough time.  You deserve to be here!" 

What a wonderful picture of Israel! 
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YouTube - american idol casey abrams

See his performances here:

casey abrams saved - Google Search

See Casey get the boot. See Casey saved. See Casey nearly pass out on stage. Meet Dr. Shaun Nasseri. See Dr. Nasseri make Casey lie down backstage, and telling Casey it’s okay to cry after that trying experience.


Ryan reminds Casey that more than 55 million votes were cast this week after he got saved last week, adding, “and, my friend, if you knew how many you got you’d be very proud. You are safe.” ...