Inasmuch (11 Apr 2011)
"Earthquake Light???"

Earthquake Light???

Fay (9 Apr 2011)
"Earthquake Light???"

This clip is quite sensational. The newsmen and scientist are trying to pass it off as 'normal' - calling it an "earthquake light". How come these things are suddenly the norm? This tells me that the elite don't even know what it is. OR - it's HAARP. Isn't it depressing to live in a world where we don't trust our governments or news broadcasters? It has turned us all into conspiracy theorists. Probably for good reason.
There is nothing new or abnormal about earthquake lights  and they are not connected to conspiracy theories.  They are well recognized as are earthquake clouds.  Google both terms to find many articles about them and photos as well.  It is usually only large quakes that have earthquake lights that are visible.  There are other precursors to earthquakes such as abnormal activity among fish, birds and animals, including snakes or ants coming up out of the ground.  The Chinese particularly have studied these matters.