Harvey Troyer (16 Apr 2011)
"Are these the Nails used to Crucify Jesus?  A Truly Amazing News Report."

April 15, 2011

Dear John Tng and Faithful Doves

Subj:  Are these the Nails used to Crucify Jesus?  A Truly Amazing News Report.

[When I read this story, I thought of Matt 27:57-59 where it says that Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus and took Jesus’ body down off of the cross.  It makes sense that Joseph of Arimathea had to “pull the nails” out of Jesus’ right and left hands and also the one long nail that held both of Jesus’ feet, which were crossed one over the other and thus impaled together according to extra-biblical stories and tradition. In John 19:38-40 we are given additional information that Nicodemus accompanied Joseph of Arimathea and helped him take Jesus’ body down off of the cross.  Both of these men were members of the Jewish Sanhedrin.  I can see how these men would have kept these nails as evidence; and, how two of these nails could have ended up in the possession of Caiaphas the High Priest.]

Please click on the following URL LINK and read the rest of the story.  What a perfect way to leave a positive witness to the veracity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth being the one and only true messiah. All of modern Israel’s unbelieving Jews, as well as, the entire unbelieving Gentile world are able to read this, since it is printed on Israel’s Haaretz.Com, at this exact time, when all attention is turned toward Jerusalem!  Wow!


Harvey Troyer (YBIC)

Emmaus Road Ministries