Gina McCray (25 Apr 2011)
"Does ultimatum mean Iran will invade Saudi Arabia?"

"In what could produce a Muslim vs. Muslim military confrontation in the powderkeg that is the Middle East, Shi'a Iran is considering handing Sunni Saudi Arabia an ultimatum over sending its troops to crack down on the Shi'a majority in nearby Bahrain – a development that would be tantamount to armed conflict between the two bastions of Islam."
Could ultimatum mean Iran will invade Saudi Arabia?
Considering that Iran's view is that it is necessary for Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to die in order to usher in their "Mahdi"/messiah- this makes this even more plausible!
"Iranian officials even have gone so far as to suggest blocking the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf to stop ships carrying military supplies to Bahrain from the Saudi kingdom which, along with the United Arab Emirates, sent troops there at the request of Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa"
Sounds like war is brewing! America would HAVE to get involved because blocking the Straits of Hormuz would paralyze our economy!
Perhaps this explains why Iran is not in the Psalm 83 War. For details see this entry:
They may themselves be crippled and when they retain strength later come against Israel in the God-Magog War-
Looking up!