Gerry Almond (25 Apr 2011)

Dear Brother Heckle:

I believe so.  I have posted several times the biblical formula to determine the end of this age.  It is found in Genesis 7 and 8 and is within the "sign of Noah".  In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus explicitly told the Jews of His day that "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man".

That is true today more than at any time in history.  It applies to today and the reason that it does, is the FACT that Israel is God's time clock for us to understand the end of the age.  Few would argue that you are not the final generation.  Definitely, signs are everywhere so indicating this truth.

But specifics were given in Genesis.  First, remember the tetrads of eclipses and their evident indication of the end of the age?  Mark Biltz found these and they were published with much fanfare in the eschatological world, being largely accepted as indicators for the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy.

Now comes Noah's sign.  God told Noah to "prepare an ark" for in 120 years, I will destroy man from the face of the earth because "you only have I found righteous".  As  the year was 360 days long in Noah's day, the number of days allowed by YHWH for the ark's building was 43,200 days.

This is being repeated in our time.  BECAUSE ISRAEL IS THE TIME CLOCK, the 120 years of 360 days is repeated in our day.  Please note the undisputable confirmation.

Theodor Herzel, the founder of the modern Jewish presence in the middle east in the land of their forefathers gave "birth" to the modern Jewish nation on August 29, 1897.  This was the first Jewish congress and it sought England's support for reestablishment of a Jewish presence in the Holy Land in exchange for the support of the Jews in England's battle with the Ottoman Empire.  England won and Herzel held their feet to the fire and then WWI came along.  At the end of that war, the League of Nations was formed and it gave the British control over Palestine.  On December 9, 1917, General Edmund Allenby crossed the Jordan River and three days later, entered Jerusalem.  In the meanwhile, General Chinese Gordon was there, excavating the Garden tomb, believed to be the actual burial place of Jesus Christ.

Then came WWII.  Out of that came the holocaust in which 1/2 of the world's Jews (and others) perished in the furnaces of Hitler's third Reich.  The League of Nations was long-gone, but a new group was formed called the United Nations and out of guilt, the Jews were allowed to form a new nation to be called Israel and it was to be in the land of Palestine.  So, on November 29, 1947, the proposal came and by pressure from the mighty United States through its President, Harry S. Truman, Israel was born on May 14, 1948.

Jerusalem returned to Jewish hands by miraculous means June 6, 1967.  The setup that we have today came into being.  Now, a considerable number of 43,200 days has passed.  ISRAEL, THE TIME CLOCK, IS IN THE LAND.

So, if you take 8/29/1897 and add 43,200 days to it as indicated in the sigh of Noah, you arrive at the end of the tetrads of eclipses EXACTLY.  That is no coincidence.  And that is September 23, 2015, just as the signs in the heavens indicated.  And that is 43,125 days, just 75 short of the total.  Then, if you turn to Daniel 12, you find an additional 75 days given Daniel to add to the last 1,260 days for a total of 1,335 days.  When the 75 days are added to 43,125, you have EXACTLY 43,200 days ending on December 7, 2015.

I believe that this is the proof positive that the end of the age is December 7, 2015, not a day later.

Blessings on your work and God be with you.


Gerry Almond